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The Big Fix Retires

After 13 years of loyal service,
The Big Fix Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic has retired

Best Friends has announced the beginning of a new, exciting chapter of its work in Utah, transitioning from our very successful Big Fix Program to a plan where we can deliver more targeted low-cost spay/neuter services.

For 13 years, The Big Fix provided excellent, low-cost spay/neuter services, traveling to some of the most remote communities in our state—even to places like Escalante, Blanding and Hanksville. The program has been responsible for approximately 80,000 surgeries since 2000, especially in rural areas where many families either don't have access to veterinarian services or can't afford to spay or neuter their pets.
But after 13 years, the Big Fix vehicle is not suitable or safe for long distance deployment because of age and wear and tear, limiting our mobile spay-neuter work to target areas located along the Wastach Front, where, today, animals can be serviced through local veterinarians or our Utah Valley Clinic.
During the next few months, we will re-evaluate our spay-neuter strategy in Utah, taking into consideration the many ways—brick and mortar high volume clinics, mobile clinics and private vet networks—to deliver services to the residents of targeted, low income communities.
Thanks to everyone who, through the years, has helped make the Big Fix a success. The marvelous work accomplished by this very successful program will continue, always remaining true to our original vision for Utah—once and for all stopping the killing of healthy, adoptable homeless pets.

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