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Every day, more than 9,000 animals are killed in America’s shelters simply because they don’t have a safe place to call home. But this doesn’t have to happen. For nearly 30 years, Best Friends has been working with caring people like you to end the killing, and in that time, the number of deaths in shelters has been reduced from 17 million to about 4 million per year. 

Want to help? Here are 30 ways you can help Save Them All:
1. Adopt your next pet rather than buying one online or from a pet store supplied by puppy mills.
2. Spay or neuter your pets.
3. Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue group.
4. Donate to become a part of Best Friends’ lifesaving work.
5. Tell others about the lifesaving impact of adoption and spay/neuter.
6. Hold a garage sale and give the profits to your local shelter.
7. Share Facebook posts about adoptable animals.
8. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper focused on making your community no-kill.
9. Tweet about adoption events and spay/neuter promotions with the hashtag #SaveThemAll.
10. Advocate for lifesaving legislation in your community and nationwide by joining Voices for No More Homeless Pets at
11. Share success stories about rescued animals.
12. Participate in a trap/neuter/return program for community cats.
13. Manage a community cat colony.
14. Donate food, toys and other supplies to your local animal shelter or rescue group.
15. Volunteer to play with and socialize the animals at your local shelter.
16. Walk a dog from your local shelter, with the pet wearing an “Adopt Me” bandana.
17. Shop at your local shelter’s thrift shop or gift store.
18. Help your local shelter redesign its website or develop new promotions.
19. Get local business owners and clubs to take on a project to help a local shelter.
20. Collect cans and bottles for a rebate and donate the proceeds to your local shelter or rescue group.
21. Offer rides to pets going from an animal shelter or rescue group to their new, happy homes. 
22. Foster an adoptable pet.
23. Photograph adoptable pets for your local shelter or rescue group to promote via social media.
24. Participate in Best Friends’ annual dog walk and fundraiser, Strut Your Mutt®.
25. Promote adoption events among your colleagues and friends.
26. Learn about the animal welfare challenges in your community, and educate others about lifesaving solutions.
27. Fight breed discrimination by advocating for better legislation.
28. Change misperceptions about rescued animals and specific breeds by spreading the idea that every animal is an individual worth saving.
29. Lobby your local government for fair funding of your community’s municipal animal shelter.
30. Sign Best Friends’ Pledge to Save Them All.

Meet our TV and FM100 Pets of the Week here: Jackpot

 If the above link doesn't work, it means the media pet has been adopted! View more adoptable cats and dogs.

Best Friends Animal Society - Utah • 2005 South 1100 E, SLC, UT 84106
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Best Friends Animal Society – Utah, based in Salt Lake City, began in 2000 as No More Homeless Pets in Utah. Today, it's a proud part of 
Best Friends Animal Society, still focused entirely on the great state of Utah, and serving as an exemplary model for the rest of the country. Our nationally-recognized work focuses on increasing adoptions of shelter cats and dogs, creating access to free and low-cost spay/neuter services, providing humane alternatives for community (feral) cats and collaborating with Utah shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians and local governments to save the lives of homeless pets. So far, these innovative efforts have helped reduce the number of animals killed in Utah's shelters by 51%. Together with you, we will Save Them All.